My Accessibility Talk in The Wellington Web Design Meetup

Last night I did my first web accessibility presentation in Wellington. It was during this month’s Wellington Web Design Meetup held at Experience Solutions on August 5 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The Wellington Web Design Meetup aims to get interesting and interested industry professionals together each month for talks, case studies, design/technology insights, showing off cool stuff, networking and of course socializing.

I was the second speaker in the meetup. My presentation was entitled “Web Accessibility for Blind Persons” and was divided into three small sections. First, I discussed what web accessibility means to a blind person. Next, I did a quick demonstration of how a blind user accesses the Internet. I closed my presentation by explaining the most common accessibility issues faced by blind persons.

The group gave interesting questions about other accessibility issues, software used by blind persons, and about web accessibility guidelines. I was very happy to answer them all.

I was also impressed by the excellent presentations from the other speakers. Here are the names of the speakers and their topics:

  • Lenz Gschwendtner – taking ideas and forming your own startup business
  • Jason Kiss – keyboard accessibility and assistive technologies other than screen readers
  • Olivier Lorrain – a new design group on Flickr
  • Jan Thomas – online Wireframing tools for designers

After the meetup, I was able to talk to some of the participants, speakers, and organizers, who were all friendly and had great insights on information technology. I also enjoyed the Hell Pizza and Epic Pale Ale (awesome, awesome drink) served in the meetup.

This event is definitely one of the highlights of my stay here in Wellington. Thank you so much to the organizers of the Wellington Web Design Meetup for allowing me to participate in their August meeting.

Here is a short segment of my web accessibility presentation.

Click here to view the segment of my web accessibility presentation in YouTube, if you have trouble viewing it here.


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