What Did the Office of the President of the Philippines Say About My Accessibility Review?

Around two weeks ago, I did an accessibility review of the web site of the president of the Philippines, www.president.gov.ph. From that time up to this day, I have written to the Office of the President three times. And finally, my third message, sent on August 30, got a response from the office.

Here is what I said in my third message:

Dear Mister President
I wrote a review of your web site
The review focuses on the accessibility of the site to persons with disabilities
If you could respond to my message I could send you the link to the review
Thank you

Note: My message really didn’t include special characters (e.g. punctuations) because the contact form of the president’s web site did not allow it. This was also the reason why I couldn’t include the link to my review. The contact form said it allowed periods, question marks, and other common punctuations, but when I included these things and pressed the submit button, nothing happened. And when I removed all punctuations, the message was sent.

Message from the Office of the President

Later that day, I received an email message from the Office of the President. This message was in response to my last message. Here is what the office said:

Hi Julius Charles Serrano,

Maraming salamat, natanggap na po namin ang inyong mensahe.

Ipapaabot po namin ito sa kaukulang tanggapan.

Office of the President

Here is the message in English:

Hi Julius Charles Serrano,

Many thanks, we have received your message.

We are going to send it to the respective office.

Office of the President

My Reaction to the Message from the Office of the President

The first thought that came to my mind is that the message seemed like an automated response. I wonder if anyone in the office did read my message.

More importantly, I wonder about how dedicated and concerned the Office of the President really is regarding the issues I’m trying to raise.

I know that the message is probably automated but it got me asking, “Send the message to the respective office? Which office are they going to send it to?” I’ve already written to the very office who should address my concerns.

Just for the record, I appreciate the fact that they took the time to send me a response. It’s just the content of the response which I’m not really happy about.

I would’ve wanted to send a reply to their message, but I couldn’t. This is because the message was sent by a noreply email (noreply@president.gov.ph).

I will nonetheless continue to raise these concerns. Being a blind person myself, I believe that all persons with disabilities have the right to enjoy accessible information.

What does everyone think?


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5 Responses to “What Did the Office of the President of the Philippines Say About My Accessibility Review?”

  1. Leo Valdes Says:

    I say, be patient. It is a good sign that there was a delay between your message and the possible automated response. That means it passed the SPAM test. I happen to believe this administration listens, but it is inundated with messages.

    • Julius Charles Says:

      Mr. Leo,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree that patience is very necessary as we try to raise the importance of accessible information.

      I do hope however, that the administration would indeed listen. Best thing to do right now is to wait and see.


  2. rebie Says:

    Hi Julius,
    thankful that you are following this matter up. and thank you for standing up in behalf of all the persons with disabilities. indeed this country needs someone like you to fight for certain rights that have been overlooked by many.
    let’s hope for the best. maybe it would help also to call the office of the president. what about creating a stir with the help of the media? it’s been long overdue that accessibility must be given attention.

    i’m with you,

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