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Aiming to Improve the Web Accessibility Standards of the Philippines

September 24, 2010

As an obsesser of accessibility, I am happy that our country has its own web accessibility standards. And we have the good people in the Philippine Web Accessibility Group to thank for this.

I’ve been reading about the standards for quite some time now, and a few ideas recently came to my mind. Using my notes from previous accessibility evaluations, I have come up with a few points to make the standards more comprehensive.

In this post, I’ll talk about the web standards of the Philippines and the additions I’m trying to put forward.

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Bye For Now, Beautiful City of Wellington

September 15, 2010

I’ve lived in Wellington, New Zealand since March of this year. And oh the days go by so fast indeed, as in a few hours’ time, I’ll be returning to the Philippines. Though I’m a bit sad to leave Wellington, I am happy to keep in mind all the fine people I’ve met and known and the great places and events I’ve experienced in this beautiful city.

Splendid Places of Interest

Julius in front of a gigantic tree in Botanic Garden

I was able to visit lots of interesting places here in Wellington. Some of the places include the botanic garden, the bay, several picturesque places of nature, the city library, the Te Papa Museum, countless shopping malls, and a nice little farm whose name I forgot.

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Accessibility Issues Faced by a Blind User in Voting in an Online Competition

September 8, 2010

A computer school for the blind has joined a blog competition organized by an international group. Persons who want to vote for the computer school need to register to the international group’s web site before they can place their vote. I wish to vote for the computer school, but the inaccessibility of the web site’s registration form has prevented me from voting.

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The Accessibility Ally in Bank of New Zealand’s Usability Meeting

September 6, 2010

Today I had the opportunity to speak in the usability meeting of Bank of New Zealand (BNZ). Though the weather was cold and gloomy (and I was a coughing machine) this morning, the usability group at BNZ was friendly, lively, and interested in the topic. I’m glad to add this event to my list of great experiences in Wellington.

Julius presenting in usability meeting at BNZ

The usability meeting at BNZ is a regular event where usability champions gather to discuss issues and certain fields related to…you guessed it right, usability! I believe that this event is part of BNZ’s aim to enhance the usability and accessibility of their web site, products, and services. Usability experts from other companies also attend this regular meeting.

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Thanks and Cheers to the Office of the President of the Philippines

September 1, 2010

Last August, I wrote an accessibility review of the web site of the president of the Philippines. And yesterday I told you what the Office of the President said about my accessibility review.

This post is the third installment in this collection of articles. And I’m happy to say that it is a positive and promising one.

On August 31, a gentleman named Jay Jaboneta gave a new comment on my accessibility review and said the following statements:

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