Planning for a Better Computer School for the Blind in the Philippines

ATRIEV, the country’s first and only computer school for the blind, has recently concluded its 2011 strategic planning conference. This event was held from March 11 to 12, 2011 in Tagaytay, Philippines.

facilitator and participants of the 2011 ATRIEV Strategic Planning Conference

The strategic planning event was organized and attended by ATRIEV’s staff, board of trustees, and trainers. I, as one of the members of the board of trustees, was very privileged to attend the strategic planning. Representatives from ATRIEV’s partner organizations such as Better World Media also attended the conference. ATRIEV invited Mr. Ping Sotto to be the facilitator and keynote speaker in the event. Mr. Ping Sotto is a retailer at Red Fields Shell and at Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. He has written a number of books on business and entrepreneurship, and has conducted numerous workshops on business management, business frameworks, and in various other fields of study.

The main goal of the event was to examine the current structure and situation of ATRIEV and formulate plans to ultimately improve its structure and services. In a nutshell, Mr. Sotto and the participants identified the organization’s true vision and mission, determined its target clients, and identified solutions to its existing challenges and concerns. Practical business-related methodologies were provided and explained during the course of the two-day conference.

With blessings from Mr. Sotto and the entire group, I and Eric Marco Ramos presented a number of suggestions and activities related to technology and membership. One of my plans was to introduce accessibility consulting in ATRIEV’s set of services. I look forward to discussing these plans in detail in ATRIEV’s succeeding meetings.

Through the strategic planning, I strongly believe that ATRIEV has gained an ocean of new knowledge and techniques to help in changing and improving the lives of more blind and visually impaired Filipinos. As a long-time member of ATRIEV, I vow to use my God-given skills and talents in helping the organization fulfill its vision, mission, and objectives.

Endless thanks to Mr. Sotto for generously sharing his time, knowledge, and wisdom with all of us in the event. We also wish to express gratitude to the board of trustees who provided the means of transportation and the venue for the conference. Lastly, I personally want to thank Mr. Francis Junio, one of ATRIEV’s sighted staff. Mr. Junio made sure that the blind and visually impaired participants had a safe and comfortable stay in the event’s venue.

I encourage everyone to stay tuned to ATRIEV’s website and watch out for major changes and updates. I also invite everyone to check out and like ATRIEV’s Facebook page.


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3 Responses to “Planning for a Better Computer School for the Blind in the Philippines”

  1. RG Sayson Says:

    thank you, julius! this is indeed a turning point for atriev…. let’s make it happen!

  2. jojo esposa Says:

    I hope that ATRIEV will continue its trailblazing work for the blind. God bless and we pray for your continued success. 🙂

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