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To the Recipient of the Disabled-Friendly Website Award

May 15, 2011

“It’s not only user friendly; it’s certified accessible.”

This is a statement included in an announcement by the National Computer Center about the Philippine Community eCenter )PhilCeCNet) website, a recipient of the Disabled-Friendly Website Award in 2009.

According to the announcement, the Disabled-Friendly Website Award is given in recognition to websites that are “disabled-friendly” – sites that are accessible to all, including users with physical disabilities. This award is given by the Philippine Web Accessibility Group (P-WAG) in partnership with the National Council on Disability Affairs.

Upon reading the (relatively old) announcement, I became very interested to look at the PhilCeCNet website (

What did I see?

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How Accessible is the Website of the Philippines’ Department of Education?

May 11, 2011

In my mischievous youth, I saw the Department of Education, or Dep Ed, as the almighty provider of the glorious announcement of the suspension of classes during stormy days–nothing more, nothing less. Growing up, I saw the true significance of the role that Dep Ed plays and the importance of the information it aims to provide.

Dep Ed’s website, in particular, aims to provide that information to anyone who is interested. But how accessible is Dep Ed’s online information anyway? Let us take a closer look at the accessibility of the website of one of the Philippine government’s most important departments.

Below is an accessibility review of the website of the Department of Education of the Philippines ( The Department of Education is responsible for regulating and managing the Philippine system of basic education. The DepEd website contains information such as the agency’s profile, advisories, memoranda and notices, and news.

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Learning About Our Right to Accessible Online Information

May 2, 2011

Today I had the chance to talk to a dynamic and insightful group about web accessibility. This group consisted of visually impaired students and professionals who are currently taking up an assistive technology training conducted by ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind.

ATRIEV's training participants and Julius, discussing web accessibility

Our mini web accessibility talk was part of the training’s topic on Internet navigation for visually impaired persons. I was invited by ATRIEV to discuss this topic, and on the first day, I asked the training participants if they wished to have a discussion about web accessibility. The group said yes, and I was very happy about it.

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