Learning About Our Right to Accessible Online Information

Today I had the chance to talk to a dynamic and insightful group about web accessibility. This group consisted of visually impaired students and professionals who are currently taking up an assistive technology training conducted by ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind.

ATRIEV's training participants and Julius, discussing web accessibility

Our mini web accessibility talk was part of the training’s topic on Internet navigation for visually impaired persons. I was invited by ATRIEV to discuss this topic, and on the first day, I asked the training participants if they wished to have a discussion about web accessibility. The group said yes, and I was very happy about it.

My main goal in holding the web accessibility talk was to help the group become aware of their human rights in terms of accessible web content. I also wanted to encourage everyone to consider the possibility of including web accessibility in their study or in any of their upcoming endeavors.

During the web accessibility talk, I gave an overview of the internationally recognized guidelines for making online content accessible to persons with disabilities. We based our discussion on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0.

The group and I visited a number of websites which comply with WCAG 2.0. We also looked at websites that do not follow the guidelines and in turn display a significant amount of inaccessibility. I was impressed by how quickly the group was able to pinpoint accessibility issues in the web pages we visited.

To my friends who joined me in today’s talk, many thanks for letting me share my knowledge about web accessibility. I appreciate your keen and clever observations and ideas. Also, your interpretations of the accessibility guidelines were very well thought of. I’d be very happy to help you in any accessibility-related projects or activities you may wish to carry out in the future.


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