28 Things I’ve Learned from Life

Today I celebrate my 28th year in this strangely beautiful world of ours. And while doing so, I wanna share some of the lessons and ideas I’ve learned from living everyday.

Since I can say that the things I’ve realized and learned from life really cannot be contained in one single post, I have decided to share with you those that are most important to me. Some of these things I learned on my own while some of them I learned from observing other people.

Here we go…

  1. Value the connections you’ve made. You might work with them on something great one day.
  2. A difficult task can eventually become easy if you do it often enough.
  3. When someone doesn’t understand you, try using a different method to make that person understand your ideas. Everyone has a unique way of understanding ideas and concepts.
  4. Learn to laugh at yourself from time to time.
  5. It’s okay to laugh at others sometimes. Just make sure though that you have the guts to do this in front of them.
  6. Nagging never works. Nagging truly never never works.
  7. Remember with humility the things you are thankful for. The best time to do this is at the end of each day.
  8. The depth of a friendship is not determined by how long you’ve known a friend.
  9. Remembering happy moments is a good way to cheer yourself up during sad days.
  10. It’s not about whether or not you have the newest technology. It’s what you do with your technology that counts.
  11. The support and love you receive from your family is one of the most precious blessings given to you by God.
  12. Most of the time, people would give different opinions and pieces of information about something. It’s up to you to decide which one to accept and believe. Always decide carefully.
  13. When you’re about to do a difficult task, visualizing the task and conditioning your mind can always help you get it done properly.
  14. You can often find beauty in diversity.
  15. Hearty unsuppressed laughter can reduce stress and brighten a bad day.
  16. Be straightforward so that everyone will understand you more quickly. Avoid being too wordy.
  17. Sometimes people just get things they do not deserve. We should learn to accept this fact.
  18. Find time to spend in a quiet place where you can think as little as possible. Clearing the mind once in a while is important.
  19. Don’t hesitate to end a project if you are truly unhappy with it. You can always start a new one.
  20. Be proud of your unique traits and preferences.
  21. It is a necessary skill to know when to speak and when to shut up.
  22. Whenever possible, try something new or unfamiliar at least once.
  23. If you are creating a product or service for a specific group, you should include and consult an individual from that group while you are developing the product or service.
  24. You can sometimes find comfort in solitude and gloom.
  25. Be one with nature once every few months. Appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.
  26. Make it a point to share useful information especially to those who need it.
  27. A quiet rainy afternoon is one of the simplest yet most beautiful things in this world.
  28. Don’t search for the meaning of your life. Listen to our Creator and he will show it to you in time.

Your comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.



2 Responses to “28 Things I’ve Learned from Life”

  1. ingisam Says:

    15. Hearty unsuppressed laughter can reduce stress and brighten a bad day. -> and burn calories.

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