An Epiphany of the Beauty of Information Through Text

I’ve been transcribing audio recordings for ten years now. When I was in college, I used to accept project-based transcription work from government and non-government organizations. I recall how I’d get my beer money from those transcription projects. Yes, those were the days!

Even now that I’m working as an accessibility consultant and an international speaker on accessibility, I still take transcription projects from time to time. I really like the fact that I get to learn new information and transcribe that information for other people as well.

And thinking about transcription, I had this little epiphany about the rarely discovered beauty of this type of service.

But first let’s talk briefly about what exactly happens when you transcribe an audio recording. Basically, you would listen to the statements being said by the person or persons in the recording, and you’d write everything down. Your main output is a text transcript of the recording, which you would give to the provider of the audio file.

So here we go. The beauty of transcription actually deals a lot with accessibility. Let’s say you have an audio interview and you would have it transcribed. You would then have a text transcript of the interview.

In addition to the actual audio interview, you can share the transcript of the interview with everyone. And here’s the good thing about it. When you share the text transcripts either through your web site or through printed media, you can ensure that persons who cannot hear your audio interview will still be able to read the conversation contained in the interview.

We all know that there are a lot of persons who cannot hear due to a specific disability or impairment. There are also people who can hear your audio interview but still prefer reading the information in it. Since you took the time to provide the transcript of your audio recording, these persons will in turn be able to access, appreciate, and enjoy the information you are trying to share.

And this is definitely one of the main principles of accessibility: providing information in a way that will be accessed and understood by as many persons as possible.

So the next time you record your online conference, audio interview, sermon, or podcast, please consider having a transcript of the recording. Just imagine how many lives you’d be able to touch with the valuable and accessible information you would provide!

If you have an audio recording and you wish to have it transcribed, I highly recommend contacting The Transcription Place. This is a company that provides transcription services for a wide range of audio recordings.


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