Razorback Celebrates 21 Rocking Years with an Awesome Gig and “Three Minutes of Glory”

Filipino rock legends Razorback celebrated their 21st year anniversary yesterday, October 28, at the Music Museum. And the celebration became even more memorable as Razorback released their long-awaited fifth studio album “Three Minutes of Glory” on the same night.

Razorback consists of Kevin Roy on vocals, Tirso Ripoll on guitar, Manuel Legarda on guitar, Louie Talan on bass, and Brian Velasco on drums. On that heavy night, the band played several songs from all of their albums. These included classics such as “Giyang”, “Payaso”, “Munting Paraiso”, “Beggar’s Moon-Tie Dye Sky”, and “Pepe da Hepe”. They also performed live for the first time a handful of songs from their new album. These new beasts include “Daan Daang Dahilan”, “Ayon Sa Kanya”, “Amused”, the title track “Three Minutes Of Glory” and the spine-chilling “You And Your Sins”.

Razorback performing on stage during Three Minutes of Glory album launch

Razorback even surprised the audience with their own rendition of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy”. Another massive surprise came when Basti Artadi, vocalist of Filipino rock band Wolfgang, joined Razorback on stage and shared vocal duties with Kevin Roy on Giyang and “Center of the Sun”, a Wolfgang classic. To end the show, Razorback played “Tabi ng Bulkan”, a monster of a track that introduced the country to boar’s rock around two decades ago. All in all, Razorback gave the audience three hours of heavy music and good times, while everyone in the crowd stood, clapped, screamed and sang with the band.

Being a blind boar, I can’t really comment on the visual aspect of the concert. Let me instead focus on the sound, which was, after all, the main reason why we all went to the awesome show. Each song was played by all the members with precision and passion. In most of the songs, we could even feel the floor rumble with the rhythm and the movements of the crowd. Kevin’s voice was superb, ranging from rough to smooth to high-pitched. He and Tirso also treated the audience with frequent banter and antics. As a long-time Razorback fan, I believe the band made an excellent choice in selecting Music Museum as the place provided a great overall sound and a historic feel to the event.

A few good events during the show: My friend and I were waiting in line when Dino Barton, one of the show’s organizers, told us that we can go ahead and enter the main concert area. Dino certainly didn’t have to do this, but as a person with a disability, I truly appreciated his help. Also, before the concert started, we went to the area where they were selling Razorback’s new CD. And I felt very fortunate that Dino was there to help us out again in quickly buying the album. We even had a brief moment of laughter with the people in that area.

I thank Razorback for this truly remarkable show, and all of the organizers and sponsors for putting this event together. Check out Razorback’s Facebook page to know more about the band, their upcoming concerts, and for information on how you can get their new CD.


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